Get Free Set of Nivea Armprint

Get absolutely Free Set of Nivea Armprint. NIVEA Armprints are temporary armband tattoos and company offering free sample to try them. Choose a design and they’ll send you 5 pieces of that Armprint for free.

Get Free Set of Nivea Armprint
Get Free Set of Nivea Armprint

This offer only for residents of India only. Armprint is a funky temporary tattoo worn on the arm. You only need water to apply them, and they rub off in a few days. There’s some words in the Armprints upside down, those words appear on the inside of your arm. They’ve made them upside down to ensure the word is readable when you lift your arm up.

How many NIVEA Armprints can I get?
Choose a design and they’ll send you 5 pieces of that Armprint. Want more Armprints? Recommend a design to a friend and they let you pick one more. You can do this twice, for a maximum of 3 extra NIVEA Armprints.

How to Get It:
~Click Here to visit offer at NIVEA Armprint facebook page.
~Click on Get Started button.
~Click on login with facebook and allow.
~Select any of 25 Armprint design and click on proceed.
~Click share and proceed.
~Now fill your name, address, email etc to get your free 5 pieces of that Armprint.

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  1. why do u give free tatoos ? wats the benefit for nivea?

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