Play ‘Tata Nano Super Expert Quiz’ and Win Free Gifts From Tata Nano

Tata has come back with all new April 2012 ‘Tata Nano Super Expert Quiz’ which allow you to participate and Win Free Gifts From Tata Nano. In last quiz all participant got a free beautiful Tata Nano model Pen drives of different capacity. Participate now to get chance to win free Tata Merchandise.

All you have to answer 10 simple questions and you could win exclusive Tata Nano Merchandise. And you can even try again if you give wrong answers. The Tata Nano contest is open till 30th April 2012 so go fast.

Play Tata Nano Super Expert Quiz April 2012 and Win Free Gifts From Tata Nano
Play Tata Nano Super Expert Quiz April 2012 and Win Free Gifts From Tata Nano

How to Participate in Nano Super Expert Quiz and Win:

  1. Click here to open offer/product page at quiz page at Tata Nano facebook page.
  2. Press Like button.
  3. Click Start Quiz.
  4. Answer 10 simple questions in 60 seconds time limit
  5. When you give all correct answer of 10 question you can submit your score to leaderboard.
  6. After it will register you with Tata Nano facebook page.
  7. Now it’ll asked for your shipping details if you have not submitted your details  before.

Here are the correct answers but remember they may be randomized:
~Rear seat folding feature is available in all variants of Nano 2012.
~All the Nano 2012 variants consist of a digital fuel gauge with warning flasher.
~The Nano doesn’t come with radial tubeless tyres ?
~What is the fuel tank capacity of Nano 2012?
15 Litre
~What is top speed of Tata Nano?
~Vaccum brakes are available in all the Nano 2012 variants.
~Which variant of Tata Nano has body color bumpers?
~Nano 2012 is environment friendly having the lowest carbon emission of …
~Tata Nano LX is available with central locking facility?
~What is the gradability of TATA Nano?

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  1. Mind blowing offer.

  2. I also played the quiz.

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