Vivel Choo Lo Aasmaan Contest: Win Assured Gift Hampers & Chance to Win Rs. 1 Lakhs

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Here new Vivel Choo Lo Aasmaan Contest to win Assured Gift Hampers & chance to win Rs. 1 Lakhs. Anyone can participate and will get gift hampers from Vivel and also stand to win Rs. 1 lakh.

Vivel Choo Lo Aasmaan Contest: Win Assured Gift Hampers & Chance to Win Rs. 1 Lakhs

Vivel Choo Lo Aasmaan Contest

The promotion offer about Vivel Active Fair cream which is a Product from house of ITC Ltd. has come up with Choo Lo Aasmaan Awards Contest on their facebook page where you can get assured gift hampers and Mega prize of worth Rs. 1 Lakh. Women who have shed their inhibitions to pursue their dreams relentlessly have emerged as new age achievers. Nominate someone you know or yourself for Vivel Choo Lo Aasmaan Contest Awards & make a difference.

How to participate in Choo Lo Aasmaan Contest:

~Click Here to visit Vivel facebook promotion page.
~Like it and click on Start Now.
~Click on Go to app and allow access.
~Click on Start now.
~Nominate yourself or choose your friend to nominate.
~Write why you or your friend deserves to win the “Choo lo Aasman” award with your contact details.
~Click Submit to confirm your entry.

Terms & Conditions of This Offer::
~All participants and those who have nominated someone shall be eligible to get a gift hamper.
~Contest is open till 05.07.2012 to all female citizens of India above 18 years of age.
~To participate in this award any user of Facebook or Ibibo who likes the Vivel page shall write in the specified column as to why she deserves to win the “Choo lo Aasman” award alongwith furnishing contact details.
~Any Facebook or Ibibo user who likes the Vivel page can also nominate a female for the contest by writing in the specified column as to why the nominee deserves to win the “Choo lo Aasman” award and simultaneously tagging the nominee on Facebook or Ibibo or by furnishing her email-id. Persons nominating also need to give their contact details. The said nomination shall be construed as participation only upon approval by the nominee and in case of no response from her within the contest period the said nomination shall get cancelled.
~The participants’ entries shall be voted upon by Facebook or Ibibo users who like the Vivel page on Facebook or Ibibo respectively. Top 30 participants from Facebook and Ibibo together would be chosen on the basis of number of votes received. Out of the top 30 participants 5 winners of “Choo lo Aasman” award shall be chosen on the basis of number of votes received (50% weightage) and marks given by the jury (50% weightage).

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   3 Comments on This Deal:

  1. pt kuldeep prabhakar says:

    hawa bhi aandhi kiun na ban jaye. jab vivel choo lo aasmaan contest tumhay aakaash ki unchai tak pahuchaye.

  2. ananya dubey says:

    contest date is over but still voting options are open..why?

  3. Bravo ITC. Vivel Choo Lo Aasmaan seems to a great initiative. The facebook page says a lot about the campaign – Vivel seeks to award true achievers from every walk of life!

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